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Paygo Media2 months ago

Hi and thank you for checking out Paygo. At Paygo, we feel that access to credible and trustworthy news or information is critical for a functioning democracy. We, like you, are troubled by the proliferation of fake news, inflammatory content and the “death” of independent journalism, all super charged by social networks.  We are experimenting with different features to try and make social media a friend of truthful content and not just a source of lies.

Paygo currently is a tool that empowers you to easily write a 280+ character post, with the first 280 characters being editable in a Tweet and the rest seamlessly merging into the post. You can upload and/or edit an image to get your point across as it stands out in the Twitter feed (think memes).   

Do you write many Twitter threads to get your point across? Now you can write it in one post without worrying about the thread and how it will appear in the readers feed - you can control it and expand it as your thoughts need.

We think that the interactive conversation needs to stay on Twitter, where it belongs, so followers can engage with your post on twitter or the blog post seamlessly. Any reply or like on the blog post will appear on the Tweet and the whole Twitter conversation is embedded in the blog post as well.

If you are a creator, journalist, publisher, newsletter writer or just Tweet a lot and sometimes need more than 280 characters to explain your thoughts, Paygo is for you.  Please feel free to use our tool at http://paygo.media or get in touch, we would love to learn more about your challenges, needs, suggestions and dreams.

We will be adding additional social networks, analytics and trying out different monetization options as we go and would really appreciate your feedback.  Feel free to reply to the Tweet or email us at thoughts@paygo.media.  Follow us on Twitter  @paygomedia to stay connected and hear what we are up to.

Thank you

Team Paygo

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